10 Ways Hot Sauce Will Help You Live Longer

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10 Ways Hot Sauce Will Help You Live Longer

No joke! Hot sauce can help you live longer. More importantly, it can help you live a healthier life. That makes a big difference; no one wants to live longer if they’re going to simply suffer through it. And, super hot sauces, like Mad Dog, have all sorts of good things tucked into them, so they work in different ways to improve your health. You should also keep in mind that this list is hardly conclusive; we’re just covering some of the best ways hot sauce can help you live longer.

Relief from Colds and Flu Symptoms – You know that nasty, stuffy feeling in your nose when it’s filled with snot? Of course you do. Everyone knows what congestion feels like since most of us suffer with it about once a year. When it hits, a super spicy meal will release and drain that mucous naturally. (Though, we still recommend a few days in bed too.)

Headache Relief Like You Wouldn’t Believe – Yep, the pain that you feel when you eat extreme hot sauce, can actually work in your favor. Capsaicin promotes the dumping of pain receptors so you just can’t feel the throbbing in your head. And, it works on the most severe headaches too.

General Aches and Pains Go the Same Way – The same principle applies to general aches and pains throughout your body. Pharmaceutical companies add capsaicin to medicines to soothe rheumatism and other constant pains. Of course, it’s always nicer to enjoy the capsaicin than to take tablets.

Happier People Live Longer – Happier people stress less. And, they’re more likely to spend time on the aspects of their lives that count towards longevity (health and wellness). If you didn’t already know, Mad Dog makes you happy. You get a rush of happiness hormones every time you indulge, and that’s a great start to a better life.

Plenty of Vitamins and Antioxidants – Chili peppers are brimming with all sorts of lovely vitamins – and we use lots of chili peppers in each of our sauces. If that wasn’t enough, these fiery fruits also have plenty of antioxidants – the babies that forestall aging and make you look terrific.

Control Your Weight and Make Your Exercise Count – Yes, please! Capsaicin suppresses food cravings and signals your brain that you’re satiated faster than when consuming meals without this spicy compound. It’s portion control for even the most tempted. And, since capsaicin increases metabolism, your exercises will do more than ever before.

Stave Off Stomach Ulcers – Sure, hot sauce can make you feel as though it’s burning through all the tissue in your body, but it’s not causing ulcers (unless you’re swallowing bucketfuls of it – and we don’t suggest that). Actually, capsaicin has been shown to prevent the formation of certain stomach ulcers by killing off harmful bacteria.

A Healthy Heart to Keep Everything Working – Capsaicin increases blood flow and breaks down the cholesterol that prohibits circulation. More than that, it’s possible that capsaicin applied topically can stop a heart attack and ensuing cell death. That’s one hell of a life saver if you ask us.

A Breath of Fresh Air – There’s evidence to support the idea that capsaicin consumed orally (yep, through eating it) will stave off small cell lung cancer. More tests are underway to prove this medical theory, but so far so good. And that’s what every hot sauce lover wants to hear.

Kill Cancer and Save the World – Too many people die from cancer – any cancer and all cancer. It’s just bad news no matter how you dice it. But, capsaicin injected into infected cancer cells disrupts its food sources without negatively affecting healthy cells. It’s one way to give more people a longer life and a healthier one at that. Yes, we know that’s an injection into a Petri dish, but we’re slathering our food in Mad Dog – aren’t you?

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