5 Signs You Need Mad Dog Hot Sauce

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6 Times When Mad Dog Makes It All Better

Not all hot sauces are equal. And, you probably know that. After all, you can easily taste the difference between Tabasco and Sriracha (and if you can’t then you need to wonder what’s happened to your sense of taste and heat).

For anyone that’s grabbed a bottle of hot sauce and added it to their food, read an article about the benefits of capsaicin or wanted to shed a few pounds, there comes a time when you need a bottle of Mad Dog Hot Sauce to get you through the month (and, in some extreme cases, the week). Here are the top five.

You Stumbled on a Mad Dog Recipe and You MUST Have It

Have you checked our recipe page [LINK: http://ashleyfoodcompany.com/category/recipes-using-our-products/] yet? Our talented cooks are always adding new ones to the mix. That means that you can always find something to suit every level of fire. But, each one of these recipes makes use of the distinct flavors of the Mad Dog Hot Sauces they call for. If you try to substitute another sauce, it’s just not going to be the same. We recommend investing in a bottle or two, so you can make the most of our recipes. (And just wait until you see the recipes we have lined up for the future.)

You’ve Got a Few Aches and Pains You Want to Go Away

Capsaicin (that’s the hot stuff, and it’s pronounced “cap-SAY-sin”) has been used for centuries to help folks deal with their aches and pains. Before scientifically formulated medicines, capsaicin was almost always the answer. This compound is also in medications currently available on the market; they’re used to treat chronic aches, pains, and acute headaches. Plus, recent research suggests capsaicin may stave off heart attacks, liver disease, and even cancer. The hotter the sauce, the more capsaicin in your system and the better you’ll feel. But, it’s not just about the capsaicin; when you want flavor too, you’ll need a bottle of Mad Dog Hot Sauce.

You Started with Sriracha, But Now You Need Something More

The country has gone crazy for Sriracha. There are people that cannot get enough. You’ve seen them, haven’t you, just loading it on their food and stamping their feet in disgust when an establishment just doesn’t have a bottle on hand. You could be one of these people. But, there does come a point when ordinary Sriracha just can’t add anything to your meals; you need something stronger. We also love our Sriracha, but we make ours with reaper peppers. They go a lot further than your think.

The Scale and Tape Measure Scare You Terribly

Ready to lose a few pounds? You do realize that you need to change your dietary habits rather than simply diet for a few weeks, right? Unfortunately, rich fatty foods taste too good to ignore in place of salads and steamed vegetables. It’s difficult, but this is one time that Mad Dog Hot Sauce can help you. The capsaicin in each bottle of Mad Dog tricks your brain into believing that you’ve had enough to eat (and that it’s been deliciously fatty at that) even if all you’ve eaten is half a salad. Isn’t that remarkable? Hot sauce can indeed jumpstart your weight loss and lifestyle change.

Without Mad Dog, Food Has Become Boring

Unless you eat a new meal every day (and can afford to enjoy a wide variety of fresh and tasty ingredients), food can become boring quickly. We know it, and we know you know it too. There is a way around that though. Add more Mad Dog to your meals and you’ll soon find that you can’t get enough of meatloaf and pork roast. We’re not kidding. Pick up a bottle today and give it a try. You might just be surprised at your newly rekindled love of food.

Ready to indulge? Pick up a bottle from our online store or ask your local grocer to stock your favorite flavors. We’ll love that as much as you.

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