About Ashley Food Company

Preparing for a Chili Eating ContestDavid Ashley serves as President, Director of Marketing, New Product Development and Chief Alchemist for Ashley Food Company in Sudbury, Massachusetts. David has been creating all natural, mouth watering, and award-winning products for over 27 years ranging from the sweet with a KICK Mad Dog BBQ Sauce to the Ultra Hot 357 Mad Dog Hot Sauce.

Since 1991, David ensures that every blend has a fresh-from-the-kettle-taste. All Mad Dog 357 creations are made in hand-measured batches and cooked to perfection. Only the finest all natural ingredients continue to be used: fresh Habanero and Ghost Pepper, premium unsulphured sweet molasses. We also use imported cloves and the very best Caribbean spices and the exotic African Peri Peri pepper containing their one of a kind fiery taste.

David’s earlier beginnings at Alice’s Restaurant might have planted the seeds for later stints working in the Rock and Roll biz. This included work with Led Zeppelin and Foreigner, and have now come full circle with business partnerships with Joe Perry of Aerosmith and Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead. David was approached by Joe Perry, who was an avid fan of Ashley’s products, to create a new sauce to bear Joe’s name. Thus Joe Perry’s Rock Your World Boneyeard Brew Hot Sauce was born. The potent potion was enthusiastically received and is flying off the shelves with a slew of new products in the works. A partnership with Bob Weir, and his line of Wok Sauces, solidify David’s standing as the premiere purveyor of rock and roll hot sauces.

Ashley Food Company has been making all natural, award-winning products since 1991. We make products that range from mild with great flavor all the way to the hottest sauce you have ever tasted. Our product line has won over 50 state and national awards, including many national titles.