BBQ Season Is in Full Swing

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BBQ Season Is in Full Swing… and You Can Make It a Hot One

BBQ Season Is in Full Swing… You Can Make It a Hot One

There’s nothing like grilling season. And while it officially began a few months ago, everyone knows that Independence Day is when it really kicks into gear. From here on out, it’s all summer concerts, evenings at the ball field, and gathering at friend’s houses with a couple of burgers and beers. And, while it’s hot out there already, you can easily make BBQ season even hotter.

A Pinch of Fire in the Sauce – Sure, you can throw some hot dogs and burgers on the grill, but you may as well take it to the next level by marinating everything first. If that’s not your style, start small. Think about brushing your burgers with BBQ sauce before tossing them on the fire. And, while you’re at it, add a little more fire than that by mixing your favorite sauce with a dash or two of Mad Dog. Feel free to add more if you think your friends can handle the heat.

A Couple of Sides Is All You Need – Yes, grilling season is about the meat. We get it; more, we fully support that. But life shouldn’t be all protein. You need a little coleslaw, relish, and even baked beans in your life. You also need a few chips and dips to hold everyone over while you get the fire going… or wait for that baseball game in overtime to end (in your favor, of course). Appetizers and sides are the best way to introduce people to the fiery goodness of hot sauces. Okay, one of the best ways; there are others, such as…

A Hot Sauce Tasting Party Twist – Once you’ve gathered everyone together, there’s no reason not to introduce them to the hottest sauces you have on hand (or, rather, on toothpick). Okay, you may want to hold back a few of your favorites, but a BBQ gathering almost screams for an activity like this. It doesn’t need to be complicated; a few hot sauces and toothpicks is all it takes. That said, people do tend to swig their beers a lot faster when their mouth is on fire – it’s not a bad idea to make sure there are designated drivers (or Uber) on hand to get everyone home safely (and that includes you if you’ve taken your hot sauce tasting sensation to someone else’s house).

You really can’t go wrong when you add a little hot sauce to your BBQ (though what you mean by “little” is absolutely subjective). And, it’s the perfect way to ease into the tailgating that comes when fall hits. (We know, it’s too soon, but it is on its way.)

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