Why Breakfast is Hot Sauce’s Favorite Meal

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Why Breakfast is Hot Sauce’s Favorite Meal

Remember back in the day when pouring ketchup all over your eggs was a thing? People had no idea with their big bangs and even bigger shoulder pads that there was such a magical condiment as hot sauce.

Asking the waiter for hot sauce over breakfast or brunch has become the new norm. Most restaurants even play mind-reader and have it already on the table for you – thanks iHOP!

More than any other meal in your day, breakfast foods tend to taste better by adding a little spice. More importantly, breakfast is the perfect time of day to add hot sauce because the active component, capsaicin found in chili peppers, can help produce endorphins, giving your mood a boost – a perfect antidote for those who get up on the wrong side of the bed in the morning.

You can add hot sauce to just about any breakfast item because for the most part breakfast (besides your occasional sweet treats) are simple savory dishes that demand a little heat. Here is a list of breakfast foods that taste better with hot sauce.

• Omelets
Eggs Benedict
• Hash Brown Potatoes
• Avocado Toast
• Waffles (especially chicken & waffles!)
• Oatmeal (plain)
• Quiche
• Frittata
Bloody Mary
• Breakfast Burritos, tacos, and quesadillas
• Eggs, any style
• Savory crepes
• Bacon and sausage

Elevate your breakfast. Try these delicious hot sauces on your next morning meal.

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