Can You Choose a Hot Sauce By Looks Alone?

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Choosing a hot sauce is sometimes based on taste, but it’s no secret that the bottle is certainly part of the appeal! Visually, a bottle of hot sauce just looks great. A little goes a long way so it’s usually small enough to take anywhere, but distinct enough so that it’s easy to find it in your kitchen or on the tabletop.

The hot sauce bottle and its design likely say a lot about the product inside. While you should be able to easily find out the types of peppers the bottle contains, the bottle itself is also sometimes a piece of art. That’s why you’ll often see flames, skulls and other graphics that confirm that hot sauce is not for the faint of heart. For those hot sauce enthusiasts who like their products on the milder side, you may find more animated and catchy labels. Whichever product you choose, it’s likely that the bottle and its packaging are eye-catching enough to get your attention and inspire you to try out the concoction. You’ll usually see a list of ingredients and nutritional information, plus a few specifics about just how hot the product is and what you can expect as a consumer. From mild to earth shattering hot, hot sauce bottles come in a wide range of options when it comes to what’s found inside.

You may also see more uniquely bottled products. This includes mini bottles of hot sauce that make it easy to transport them when you’re on the go. While many hot sauce bottles are designed for convenience and ease of use, there are also some collectible bottles out there on the market. While the bottle you choose is entirely up to you, make sure it’s not only visually appealing but also remember that it’s what packed inside the bottle that counts the most!

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