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red-ghost-2Although it’s still up for debate just how much it affects us, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is one of those things many people just have to deal with. It’s a medically recognized change in mood as a result of less sunlight. It’s unknown just how many people suffer from SAD, but you might be one of them. You might also be prone to colds during the winter months. Fortunately, if you need to deal with either of these, you can turn to Ghost Peppers to chase away the winter blues. Almost miraculously, these hotter than Hades chili peppers are a natural cure for all sorts of winter bummers.

Ghost Peppers Frighten Depression

It’s true. Ghost peppers (well, all chili peppers actually), are adept at beating the blues chemically. No, don’t worry. It’s an all natural reaction.

Ghost peppers contain a great deal of capsaicin. That’s the stuff that makes them feel like they’re burning you. And capsaicin interacts with certain neuronal pathways. Simply put, when you eat chili peppers or Mad Dog Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce, your brain interprets the sting of capsaicin as a threat. Then, it releases a huge amount of serotonin and other natural, feel-good hormones. It’s your brain’s way of helping your body to cope. The pain doesn’t last long, but the happiness effects do.

So, if the lack of sunshine (thanks to that omnipresent cloud cover and shorter days) has you down, it’s time to reach for a bottle of Mad Dog Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce. You can always choose chili peppers if you want, but the flavors of our hot sauces are likely to make you smile a whole lot more.

Mad Dog’s Pure Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce Tackles Cold and Flu Symptoms

Once again, we probably shouldn’t list just one of our hot sauces. All of our super hot sauces will do the trick; we just like the idea of ghosts scaring the pants off your winter blues. So, even though we’re all about the Pure Ghost Pepper hot sauce at the moment – you can reach for any of our sauces.

Whichever super hot sauce you choose, you’ll get plenty of cold and flu symptom relief. Mad Dog Pure Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce affects the mucous membranes of your body. It sounds gross, but when you have a cold, you’re probably willing to deal with that. If you’re all stuffed up and battling congestion, you can expect a dash of hot sauce to sort that out. (You know it’s true. Just think of how your eyes water when you consume it, and you don’t have a cold.)

And, if you’re prepared to eat some raw ghost peppers, you’ll even get a dose of vitamin C that’ll topple any orange you can eat. Either way, when winter cold symptoms have you down, ghost peppers will pick you right back up.

Ghosts May Be Cold, But Ghost Peppers Will Warm Your Bones

Alright, we’re not supernatural specialists by any means, but we’ve seen enough television shows to believe that the presence of ghosts drops the temperature in the room. Ghost pepper hot sauces have the opposite effect. These babies will warm you through and through.

Consuming super hot sauce causes a number of reactions to happen in your body, from relieving stuffed nasal passages to the release of serotonin. But, capsaicin also has thermogenic properties; your body starts generating heat on contact. The effects of this spread throughout your body, which is good – because we really don’t recommend that you slather Mad Dog all over yourself. (In fact, we strongly advise against it.)

So, on a cold winter’s night, you can reach for a blanket – or you can grab a bottle of Mad Dog Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce. We prefer the latter. After all, when’s the last time that a blanket chased away the winter blues or cleared your sinuses? Never, right? It’s the sort of thing that only ghosts can do. Well, ghost peppers, that is.

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