How to Cool Down When Your Mouth is on Fire

Filed in Blog by on June 9, 2018

You’ve likely felt that burn before, whether it hit you like a ball of fire or simply came on as a mild dose of heat. But what’s the best way to cool down your mouth and tongue after indulging in a spicy hot meal? It may depend on you, although there are several good options out there.

A little sweetness can go a long away, and some say that granulated sugar or honey can help neutralize the heat you feel from a spicy dish. It won’t necessarily get rid of the burn completely, though. Sticking with sweet options, chocolate is more than just a tasty dessert. Because chocolate is high in fat, it too may help after you eat something spicy. Milk chocolate is said to be a better choice than dark chocolate. If you don’t have any sweets handy, try grabbing a slice of bread or a dinner roll to soak up the burn, especially one topped with butter. Another option for grownups is alcohol, though a glass of beer may only serve as a temporary fix and it’s not always the best combo.

For your best chance at relief, ditch the rest and go for a nice cold glass of milk. It’s said the protein in milk actually helps dissolve the burn of spicy food. Along the same lines, ice cream or frozen yogurt may also help out. One option that almost everyone agrees is not a good idea is gulping down a big glass of water. While it may sound like the logical choice when your mouth is on fire, water actually just spreads the heat around, making an intense burn feel even worse. So the next time you feel the urge to indulge in your favorite hot sauce or spicy food, go for it! Just be sure to have some cold milk ready.

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