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Hangover Cure

Need a Hangover Cure? Mad Dog Might Do the Trick!

You probably remember from health class (or maybe you don’t) that there is no such thing as a hangover cure except time. But, that’s not 100% true. There are a few things that could help get you on your feet again besides advil. And guess what, Mad Dog is part of that process. Need help now? Here’s a short list to get you going after drinking too much the night before.

Sports Drinks

Forget the water. If you’re in need of a hangover cure, turn to sports drinks instead. Sports drinks are formulated to pump electrolytes through your body. The body has a fine balance of salt and sugar (which is essentially what electrolytes are) running though your veins under normal circumstances. Alcohol dehydrates and takes away this brilliant balance. You need to replace more than water; you need electrolytes, and sports drinks are full of them.

Food, Glorious Food

Got a headache? Chances are that your brain doesn’t have the carbs it needs to function properly. While popping a few pain relivers will help, reviving your body with a new supply of carbs is a better hangover cure. We understand that you don’t want to indulge (that whole diet thing, you know), but you need to get something into your system fast. Think toast or crackers if you can’t manage to rummage (or drive) further. Potatoes are good too – especially if you add avocado and Mad Dog to the mix. Craving something greasy? That’s normal; just make sure you’ve got some carbs mixed in for a more immediate effect.

Take a Shower

The urge to stay on the couch, immersed in that Netflix series you’ve been meaning to catch up on is strong after a night of drinking. That shower can wait, right? Wrong. Alcohol spreads throughout your body, even into your skin. Incidentally, that’s why you tend to look a little ashen after drinking. A hot shower will rinse off the surface traces of alcohols – and the steam is great for your skin (and lungs) too. Mentally, you’ll feel a lot fresher, and that goes a long way towards feeling better. If you’re after a hangover cure, it’s actually Netflix that can wait. (If you just want to wallow in it… well… we suspect you’ve come to the wrong article.)

Indulge in a Bloody Mary

There are many reasons this drink works as a hangover cure – and Mad Dog is just one of them. Tomato juice is rich in antioxidants and vitamins. It’s also rich enough to get to work on re-lining your stomach. Plus, that shot of vodka is enough to take the edge off without starting the process all over again.

And the Mad Dog (as found in this Bloody Mary recipe)? The capsaicin in our Mad Dog hot sauces will help to divert pain away from your brain and your muscles. It will also trigger your brain to release a wave of endorphins to help you cope with your trauma. Those feel good hormones are the best hangover cure you’ve got. And, they’re already inside you – you just need your brain to release them. While there are other ways to do that, like running a few miles, we’re guessing that’s not going to happen this morning.

Incidentally, capsaicin is also used to treat some of the most severe headaches and muscle pains. So, just what are you waiting for? Stick a potato in the oven and get out the Mad Dog before getting in the shower. And next time, don’t forget the water.

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