Don’t Let Your Snacks Slide after the Super Bowl

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We know how it works. During football season, you slowly grow your snack repertoire with the taste of the season to compliment the solid standbys. It’s a requirement to get it right if you’re not planning to sit at the bar constantly. And that’s important if you plan to have any money for vacation this year, which you must have, because… you’ve already been told.

Then, the tastiest, most fattening feast of the year happens (most people call it Super Bowl Sunday) and suddenly, the snacking stops.

Okay, it doesn’t stop. But, it slows – and along with it: your passionate consumption of super hot sauces.

While part of you is ready to forego the sweet and salty snacks you’ve been digging into for the last several months (it’s that whole vacation thing you’ve been told about…), you do miss them.

And, there are bigger problems:

  1. Next year, you’re going to have to remember the recipes you perfected during the last season. Have you ever tried to look that far back in your browsing history? There’s a lot of ish there that you really don’t want to see.
  2. There’s still basketball. And, while they try to say that baseball opens in spring, we all know it’s still fecking cold outside and you need the same snacks you did in the middle of winter.
  3. You still can’t go out to the bar every weekend to stuff your face, because…

The big benefits of continuing your snacking dreams are fairly obvious:

  1. Yum.
  2. Once you perfect your recipes, everyone will want to be at your place for the game (yea for not having to call Uber or crashing on the couch again).
  3. Again, big money saver.
  4. Excuse to indulge in your favorite Mad Dog hot sauce.

In the spirit of never letting your snacking slide, here are a few killer recipes for you to try in this post-Super Bowl season.

Drooling  yet?

These recipes are quick, easy and freaking tasty. All you need now is a stash of your favorite Mad Dog hot sauces.

Stock up now

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