Every Mad Dog Hot Sauce Is Different

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357 Mad Dog Hot Sauce Silver EditionGot yourself addicted to Ashley Food’s  Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce?  If you’re not already, it’s only because you haven’t tried it yet.  And, if you haven’t, now’s the perfect time to get yourself a bottle.  But, every Mad Dog hot sauce is different, so you may want to give this a bit of a read before placing your order; you’ll probably want to get more than one sauce.

A Guide to Mad Dog Hot Sauce

Mad Dog 357 Original Hot Sauce – That funny combination of numbers at the beginning of this sauce’s name aren’t just random digits.  They represent the Scoville ranking of this hot sauce.   And, that’s not 357 either (which would make this sauce about as potent as ketchup); this Mad Dog sauce boasts a whopping 357,000 Scovilles per unit.  But this sauce is more than just the heat you’re addicted to.  Each batch blends a 3 million Scoville extract with fresh habanero and cayenne peppers, plus a healthy dose of garlic and onion to make it something special.  And, of course, this sauce is only the beginning.

Mad Dog 357 Collector’s Edition Hot Sauce – If you’ve gotten yourself properly addicted to the original Mad Dog, then you’ll need to get yourself a bottle of the collector’s edition.  This baby has a lot more heat than the original.  It ranks a solid 600,000 Scovilles which give it some serious authority.  And, once upon a time, this sauce was given the title of the World’s Hottest Hot Sauce ever made.  That’s not something you can mess with – even though it no longer reigns supreme in the land of hottest sauces (though it’s still hotter than most people can handle).

 Mad Dog 357 Silver Collector’s Edition Hot Sauce – Oh yeah baby, this condiment takes the Mad Dog line up a notch; several notches actually.  This sauce set a new record for the World’s Hottest Hot Sauce.  With 750,000 Scovilles, the Silver Collector’s Edition is serious business for serious chili heads.  Keep in mind that this sauce is more than twice as potent as the original sauce while you savor the deliciousness in every drop.  Then, consider what you’re addicted to now!  (You should, of course, note that this sauce is the silver… can you imagine the gold?)

Now, the catch to eating these sauces?  They are so powerful that Ashley Foods has to sell them with a disclaimer.  That’s because someone, somewhere might not realize that such a whacking high number of Scovilles can cause serious pain if it’s used inappropriately.  These sauces are meant as additives only – though you can add a drop to any of your favorite foods.  You should too; the 357 Mad Dog hot sauces offer several incredible health benefits.

So, read the disclaimer, then jump on in.  Of course, if you’re not ready for one of sauces listed here, perhaps you’ll want to start with the Mad Dog Liquid Fire Hot Sauce.  It ranks a respectable level on the Scoville scale which means that you can quickly work your way up from here.  And, there are plenty more hot sauces than you realize in the Mad Dog stable.

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