Fat Free Living Month

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Capsaicin Gives you Good Fat

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that January is National Fat Free Living Month. This is the time of year when everyone begins to take stock of just how many pounds they’ve put on since the feasting began in November. On top of that, resolutions are at the top of nearly everyone’s list. Of course, it might be better to place National Fat Free Living Month in June when everyone needs a bit of a reminder. But January is where it’s been placed on the calendar.

So Just What Does Fat Free Living Mean?

Everyone knows that they should be making smart choices when it comes to the food that goes in their mouth. But, they don’t. Well, most people don’t. From time to time though (perhaps in the middle of National Fat Free Living Month), people work to cut down their fat intake, cutting it to the lowest point they go. But, the truth is that you can’t cut your fat intake to zero. Your body needs it. Not a lot of it, mind you, but you definitely need it to live a healthy life.

So, Fat Free Living is a bit of a myth. You shouldn’t aim for it either. But, unless you’re already making regular healthy eating choices every day, you can try for healthier living. In this case, it could be lower fat living.

Incorporating (Almost) Fat Free Living into Your Diet

Your body needs a small amount of fat to remain healthy, but only a small amount. That means that the bulk of your diet should come from other sources. Ideally, you should fill your stomach with fruits and vegetables first. There’s room for some lean protein, a little bit of dairy, some starches and all that leaves very little space on your plate for fats and oils.

The trouble is that most people have grown up with a diet full of fatty flavors, so it’s difficult to be satisfied without them. In order to get less fat into your diet, it’s best to start slowly. Make better choices as often as you can, but unless you’re really into it – don’t make a quick switch on a fast-acting diet. Otherwise, it won’t stick. Fortunately, we’ve got a trick you can use to help you make the transition: Mad Dog.

Mad Dog Makes It Better… and Easier

There’s a reason you see spicier options on menus across the country. It has to do with the way that capsaicin works with your system. In effect, it travels to your brain on the same pathways as fat does. So, your body feels as though you’re eating fat even when you’re not. And, when your brain feels as though you’ve had plenty of fat, it signals you to stop eating. So, whether you add a bit of delicious butter, and you eat less – or you simply skip the other fats (which is better), the capsaicin does its job.

That’s right; adding Mad Dog to your meals can make your path to (almost) fat free living a little bit easier. So, feel free to add plenty of it. Well, actually, maybe you can’t do that much; our hot sauces are loaded with capsaicin. Happy National Fat Free Living Month. Enjoy!

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