Few Things Are More American Than Hot Sauce

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It’s that time of year again – 4th of July weekend. This is the time to celebrate. It’s food, fireworks and fun all weekend long. And, blissfully, this holiday falls in the middle of summer. Celebrating our American heritage is only the beginning of Independence Day. Truly, this is a time for family fun around the BBQ and meeting up with old friends in town for a long weekend.

And we suggest celebrating with Mad Dog hot sauces. That’s not just because we craft the exquisite burn inside every bottle either. Few things are more American than hot sauces.

Okay, okay. There is the Liberty Bell, baseball, the Statue of Liberty, the White House and American Pale Ale. We know all of those. But hot sauce as we know it now is American born and bred. Even Sriracha, which has its roots in the Far East flavor-wise, only comes to your food through American ingenuity.

You see, the very first hot sauces were bottled in Massachusetts in 1807. That may not mean much to you unless you are a food historian. But it should if you’re a chili head. Before this time, you could get your capsaicin fix in two ways. Either you had access to fresh chilies and a recipe to craft your own hot sauce or you lived near someone who did. (And if you think returning Tupperware is hard work, imagine transporting ceramic bowls on horseback.)

But, in 1807, hot sauces were not only created in Massachusetts, they were bottled for distribution. That’s important because the American love for condiments depends wholly on their being available and easy to transport from coast to coast (though in those days it was coast to river and pushing a bit beyond for a brave few). Imagine a 4th of July without ketchup, mustard, relish, and (most importantly) Mad Dog hot sauces. It wouldn’t seem right, would it?

Of course, the first hot sauces were distributed in old perfume bottles, and we’re not too sure about that. We’ll stick with the strenuous production and sterilization methods available today. But, we’ll take the rough origins. After all, just look at what America has become from its tenuous start (shortly before the bottling of hot sauces).

Since it is Independence Day weekend, and we know you want to celebrate with Mad Dog hot sauces, we’ve got a few suggestions for you. If you’re ready to fire up the BBQ, you should definitely try our Mad Dog Sriracha Steaks. We’re certain you won’t regret that decision. For the vegetarians in the group, why not try the best salad you’ve ever had with our Mad Dog Vinaigrette? If it’s your job to bring the hors d’oeuvres, we fully support these Mad Dog Stuffed Mushrooms or Maddeningly Hot Deviled Eggs. And, if you need a snack to take to the fireworks, you can’t do better than Mad Dog’s Mediterranean Sandwich (we promise). When it’s time to kick back with a drink, try these Mad Dog Margaritas; they’ve got a bite you can’t ignore.

Need more suggestions to set your 4th of July weekend on fire? Check our recipe page and find your new favorite holiday recipe. Happy 4th!

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