Fiery Christmas Gift Ideas for Chili Heads

Filed in Blog by on December 1, 2017

Fiery Christmas Gift Ideas fIt’s never tough to buy for chili heads. Get them a bottle of hot sauce and you’re done. Except, sometimes you want to go a little further than that.

We get it.

Sometimes you want to splash out on the chili head (or chili heads) in your life. And, we’ve got the ideas that you want right now.

Chili Seeds and Plants – Unless you’re serious about your chilies, you might not believe that this is an actual gift. But, to chili heads, this is the gift that keeps on giving. Remember, there’s more to growing chilies than just the seeds and plants. You can always grab some winter containers, fertilizer, and the like. Really, you’ll get a lot more in the way of smiles than you would believe.

Capsaicin Protection – Think this is silly? Think again. Chili heads need a lot of gear. From toothpicks and gloves to other protective gear, these make a bottle of hot sauce into a seriously successful gift. And then, there are t-shirts and perhaps even display cases. The list goes on and on when it comes to hot sauce accessories.

Foodie Gifts – In addition to hot sauce, you might want to take a look at specialty mustards, crackers, wines, and cheeses. These gift baskets aren’t just perfect for chili heads; they’re just about perfect for all foodies, young or old. (Just for the record, we do have a few hot sauces that aren’t so super fiery that you can easily pack them in any gift basket.)

Mad Dog Hot Sauce Gift Packs – We’ve got several gift baskets that are easy to wrap and add to the stash under the tree. Most of the gift packs have four different Mad Dog flavors for chili heads to explore (and they’re rather some of the best, at that). And then, there are some of the extreme gift packs; these have six or seven sauces a piece and are absolutely stellar. The Magnificent Seven gift pack has everything you need to make the heat seeker in your family totally happy this Christmas. (We also suggest the Love Is Straight Outta Hell gift pack; it’s a winner for serious chili heads.)

And, since capsaicin is great for weight loss and improving your health across the board, Mad Dog hot sauces are perfect for New Year’s gifts (and resolutions too). And, if none of these appeal, our new Pepper Pods will truly please any discerning foodie. Still stuck? Stay tuned to our blog for more ideas.


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