National Get on The Scales Day

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You’ll Never Guess What Today’s Foodie Holiday Is!

Get-on-the-Scales-Day-No, really you won’t. Well, probably not. That’s because December 29th is “National Get on the Scales Day”. It’s not so much a foodie holiday as it is a day to think about our relationship to food. And, it’s both a little frightening – and a good way to leap into the New Year. Although we’re big fans of the National Cheeseburger Days (both of them) and we can’t wait for a Mad Dog Day, we love the idea of a holiday that’s tied to how you think about food – and how it impacts health (whether you think about it or not).

Before You Step on the Scales for This Foodie Holiday…

We think you should do a little prep work before pulling out your bathroom scale this holiday. The idea behind including this day in the foodie holiday calendar is to get you to think about what you should be eating and how much of it you should have. Placing it in the middle of Christmas and New Year’s too is strategic. It’s meant to make you set new, healthy goals for yourself at the point where you’re likely to be indulging the most.

So, step back and think about your food for a moment… before you step on the scale. Do you normally have a healthy diet – or are you indulging yourself most of the time? Are you afraid to pull out the bathroom scale for fear that it will reveal something you don’t want to see? Do you opt for takeout most of the time because you’re too busy or not confident enough in the kitchen? Before you weigh yourself, it’s important to know how you feel and what you want to achieve. Whatever number your scale turns up – it’s a starting point for measuring changes in your life only. It’s not a sentence or a definition. (And keep in mind too that this is a foodie holiday; you can have a little fun with it.)

Those Numbers Aren’t the Whole Picture

National Get on the Scales Day is a foodie holiday because what you put into your body affects your health and your weight. But the numbers shown on the scale aren’t the full picture. You can be on the heavier side of normal and still be quite thin – and vice versa. A standard scale (unlike those fancy BMI machines at the gym) can only tell you what you weigh. Your scale cannot tell you how much of that is muscle or where you’re carrying too much weight.

If this foodie holiday inspires you to do anything, it should be to look at ways to balance your diet rather than the number on the scale with the one in your head. Remember, your weight is just a measurement, as is the reading from a tape measure or what size jeans you wear. And there are other ways to think about how your food affects you too – like how much energy you have in the middle of the afternoon or even if those chicken wings make you feel guilty. That’s why it helps to think through your food goals before stepping on the scale, even if that number is how you will measure success.

It’s Time to Develop a Love for Mad Dog Hot Sauces

We pump a lot of capsaicin into our hot sauces. It’s what makes them so damn hot. But, it’s also a tool you can use to jumpstart your weight loss goals whether you tie those in with this foodie holiday or not.

Capsaicin works in a number of different ways to help you lose weight. Primarily, you can expect the active burn in Mad Dog hot sauces to:

Increase your metabolism temporarily (and perhaps regulate it better over time),
Curb your appetite significantly during that meal and the next one too (as you feel fuller faster), and
Work with your body to transform new, and stored, fat into energy more rapidly.

So, if this foodie holiday has you down, then we strongly suggest getting your hands on a range of Mad Dog hot sauces. It’s one of the best ways to ensure you’re not afraid to step up the next time it’s National Get on the Scales Day. Oh, that and our hot sauces are wildly delicious even if you don’t need to lose a single pound.

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