The Growing Obsession with Hot Sauce

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Some predict the trend comes with an influx of new people immigrating to the U.S. from others parts of the world, broadening the overall diversity of cuisine in this country. Others suggest millennials are behind the popularity, as the younger generation is more likely to experiment with spicy, unique flavors. Both millennials and aging baby boomers are being handed at least some of the credit, but for entirely different reasons. On nearly the opposite end of the spectrum, some claim that baby boomers are the ones behind the trend, as they attempt to counteract the likelihood of losing their sense of taste as they age. Whatever the real reason, it appears that virtually every generation is hooked on hot sauce.

Some figures suggest the hot sauce industry has virtually exploded in popularity, growing by about 150-percent just since 2000. That’s set the industry on fire, as more and more flavors and blends are added to the market. It’s not just the old staples like chicken wings and steak that people are topping off with hot sauce either. New recipes call for adding it to everything from smoothies to chocolate fondue. You’ll even find sriracha-flavored potato chips on the market. Of course, you can always stay true to the course, with some of the tried and true favorites in hot sauce that are clearly here to stay.

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