Heating Up the Competition One Pepper at a Time

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The perfect hot sauce takes time to perfect, and that’s something that the Ashley Food Company has mastered over the years. Now with nearly three decades in the business, our company knows hot sauce in and out. Not only did we make the very first hot sauce to gain the honor of “World’s Hottest Sauce”, but also we’ve continually topped ourselves product after product. Of course it all starts with our peppers.

The company first started in 1991 and just a few years later our Mad Dog Inferno hot sauce took world honors, topping hundreds of other hot sauces on the market. Still a crowd favorite, we’ve topped that recipe time and time again with newer products including a pepper extract that packs a whopping 9,000,000 SHU! We’ve been growing our own peppers in Sudbury and Amherst, Massachusetts for the past five years and now boast 10,000 pepper plants in the growing stage at one time, all earmarked to create some of the hottest hot sauce and hot pepper products on the market. Over the years and decades we’ve grown our business too to now include 28 products, ranging from mild and medium hot sauce recipes to super hot, and we mean hot!

We don’t just want to keep our recipes under lock and key, though. Ashley Food Company now has someone on staff that comes up with delicious recipes using some of our spiciest, heat-packed pepper products. From fried chicken to enchiladas, sandwiches to soups and dips, we’re constantly in search of new and inspirational ways to spice up food with our hot sauce and pepper products. Whether you’re seeking a small dose of added flavor or a mouth-watering fix for bland food, we have you covered with dozens of pepper products sure to tempt your taste buds and desire for hot, spicy peppers any time of the day.

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