Hot Sauce Industry Sets Market On Fire

Filed in Blog by on May 3, 2018

The hot sauce industry is hot, hot, hot these days, and it shows no signs of letting up anytime soon! Driven by worldwide demand, some reports suggest the hot sauce market has easily grown by about 150-percent, or even more, in recent years, as makers work to fill the demand for different flavors and brands. Now a billion dollar industry, growth in the hot sauce industry greatly outpaces growth of similar condiments. In fact, hot sauce sales have grown more in recent years than BBQ sauce, mustard, mayo and ketchup combined.

Although some of the very first commercially produced hot sauce came about in the early 1800s, several more generations passed before hot sauce really took off in the US. It was around the 1980s and 1990s that products such as Sriracha sauce came about, quickly taking the world by storm. In more recent years the hot sauce industry began to set the market on fire again, evident as the industry saw a huge growth spurt starting around the early 2000s. After that big jump sales began to slow slightly, but even more moderate growth translates to a huge amount of opportunity.

Many project the coming years will continue the upward trend of sales, pushing the hot sauce industry to even greater heights than its already experienced. While some of the first major makers of hot sauce are still on the market, we’ve also seen a big rise in other brands, as makers search out the hottest peppers and put the hottest products on the market. The new options haven’t knocked down some of the older ones either, instead only fueling an increasing demand for hot sauce. Continually rated as one of the nation’s fastest growing industries, the hot sauce trend shows few signs of cooling off in the near future, either.

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