Hot Sauce: An Obsession, a Lifestyle, or Both!

Filed in Blog by on July 5, 2018

America’s love affair with hot sauce is definitely here to stay. Whether you enjoy a milder hot sauce or a mouth-blistering concoction, the options are truly endless when it comes to this scorching product. From coast to coast, the hot sauce market is on fire! But how do you know when hot sauce is just an obsession versus when it’s transformed more or less into a lifestyle? The good news is hot sauce can easily be both!

You may, however, find that you’re in this category if certain scenarios ring true. For example, do you have a favorite flavor of hot sauce already picked out for each and every meal? Or, perhaps, are you always dreaming up new ways to spice up mealtime, from breakfast to dinner and beyond with hot sauce? If so, you’re probably obsessed with the flavor, and for good reason! Hot sauce pairs perfectly with most food items, and it’s certainly a good choice no matter the time of day. You may even find yourself as an expert of sorts when it comes to recommending the best flavors for family and friends.

You’ll know when hot sauce turns into a lifestyle when you start carrying around your own miniature bottle or handy container of hot sauce at all times. After all, it takes a true hot sauce connoisseur to know that even some of the best restaurants are in need of a little extra dose of flavor now and again. It’s all part of being prepared no matter where you go. Of course some of the obsession likely comes back into play when your favorite bottle runs low. You likely can’t wait to get your hands on a new one, or even try out an entirely new flavor and obsess some more about your brand new craving.

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