Hot Sauce Secures Important Role In The Food Industry

Filed in Blog by on May 1, 2018

It’s no secret the hot sauce industry is on fire these days. In fact, some suggest the obsession with hot sauce has started a fire of its own within the entire food industry. That’s because hot sauce is gaining in popularity so fast, it’s leaving some of the old pantry staples, like traditional barbecue sauce, ketchup and mayo, behind. In the past 15 years or so alone, the hot sauce market has grown substantially, some believe upwards of 150-percent, and the industry shows no signs of putting on the brakes anytime soon. It’s suggested that hot sauce is truly one of the fastest growing industries around.

Not only has a growing taste for hot sauce taken the food market by storm, but it has also translated into other changes in our diet. Just take a look at the rising popularity of things like hot wings. Chicken wings pair perfectly with hot sauce, and for many of us, the hotter the better! It’s not just hot wings, though, that consumers are after. The hot sauce-crazed food market has also led to an increase in things like spicy snack foods, with everything from Sriracha-flavored popcorn to spicy hot tortilla chips.

The hot food trend seems to know no limits, with some even choosing to top things like ice cream with a dose of heat. You’ll also find hot sauce in things like smoothies these days, or even balancing out the sweetness of a fruit salad. As more and more manufacturers come up with new ways to appeal to heat-seeking consumers, you’re still, of course, able to come up with your own favorite concoctions. No matter whether you add in a lot of heat or just a little, you’re doing your own part to expand your palate and potentially the food industry as a whole.

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