The Hottest Asian-Style Hot Products

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Asian-style products are hot right now, and it’s not just the flavor that has the marketplace on fire. From wasabi to Sriracha, it seems everyone is trying to get their hands on one of the hottest, hot products around. You’ve probably heard the names thrown out, but do you know what they stand for? From wasabi to Sriracha, we have the low-down on some of the hottest Asian-style hot products.

To begin with, wasabi is a plant that’s sometimes referred to as Japanese horseradish. Usually it’s made into a paste, used to give a boost of flavor and spice to more bland foods such as sushi or even to coat roasted peas, soybeans or peanuts as a snack. Similar in taste to hot mustard, the stem of a wasabi plant has been used as flavoring for generations, but really became popular starting in the early 1990s. Real wasabi is a bit on the expensive side, though, so sometimes products packaged as wasabi don’t contain wasabi at all. It’s certainly a hot product, both in terms of taste and appeal, although you don’t often experience a burning or lingering aftertaste once it’s consumed.

In comparison, another hot, Asian-style product you’ll see a lot of is Sriracha. Said to originate in Thailand, Sriracha hot sauce is commonly made from chili pepper paste, sugar, salt, garlic and vinegar. It’s sometimes uses as a topping, a dipping sauce or mixed into sauces. You’ll also now find several Sriracha-flavored products on the market, including potato chips and those from major restaurant chains. In addition, several recipes call for Sriracha flavoring. This type of sauce can also vary greatly on the Scoville scale, from the more mild to the mouth scorching hot! No matter which Asian-style product you choose, you are sure to enjoy the added dose of flavor with your next snack or meal.

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