How Hot Yoga and Eating a Chili Pepper are Kind of the Same Thing

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Trying to live a little healthier? Want to lose some weight? Heard about happiness and want a piece of it?

If you’re sweating it out in yoga class to the temperature of 105+ degrees, there’s a strong chance you’ve after any one of those things.

Hot yoga is linked to many healthy benefits, including:

  • sweating out toxins
  • elevated heart rates
  • improved breathing (especially beneficial for asthma sufferers)
  • weight loss
  • improved mood

There’s no reason to limit it to hot yoga. You can expect these benefits from any exercise you perform in the heat. Hell, you can expect them from just about any exercise.

But, you can also get these benefits while sitting on the couch. We’re not talking about any type of medication or magic pill. It’s all about capsaicin – that magical compound in chili peppers that give them their heat.

To be fair, we’re not suggesting that you’ll shed pounds sitting on the couch, stuffing hamburgers in your face, no matter how much Mad Dog hot sauce you slather them with.

You can, of course, head to the hot yoga studio. (And, again, we’re not trying to dissuade you from that.) Or, you can jump online and order Mad Dog for delivery to your home.

You can expect to:

  • Get your sweat on: the hotter the pepper, the more likely you are to sweat (releasing toxins) just like in hot yoga.
  • Put some heart into it: chili peppers are also healthy for your heart, helping to reduce cholesterol.
  • Breathe a little better: chili peppers can help to clear out breathing passages to help with congestion and can help prevent asthma attacks by numbing specific nerve endings that cause a nasty cough.
  • Shed a few: peppers have also been linked to aiding in weight loss. These tiny peppers have the power to speed up metabolism and warm your body to burn more fat.
  • Enjoy a natural high: eating chili peppers help to elevate your mood! You’ll get those happy, present feelings that hot yoga also promises.

Now, if you were really smart, you’d head out to that yoga class, and then indulge in a super healthy lunch paired with Mad Dog hot sauces. Namaste!

The hotter the pepper, the bigger the benefits

The same goes for hot sauces and extracts, so why not pick up the hottest you can handle? Might we suggest the Mad Dog 357 Gold Collector’s Edition Hot Sauce. There’s no way the heat of hot yoga can get anywhere close to this one.

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