How Mad Dog Is Bringing Sexy Back

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How many times have you heard the phrase (or the song), “bringing sexy back?” Here’s the problem we have with that… where did sexy go? When did it leave? Does it have anything to do with the day the music died? Is it possible that Mad Dog can resurrect sexy? And, how many times can you bring sexy back?

Our Totally Biased Opinion on Sexy

Sexy is a little indefinable. After all, sexy means different things to different people. Some people think men are hot; others find women sexy. There are some that will call a new bottle of hot sauce sexy. Apparently, Doctor Who also refers to his TARDIS as sexy (that’s what he calls it when they’re alone together).

This disparity of definitions and determinants means that we’ll never know why sexy went away. It also means that just about any or anything can bring sexy escorts back (though we want to stay away from fetishes on this blog… mostly). It’s also not Justin Timberlake’s responsibility to resurrect sexy; he just seized the opportunity. That’s good news for most of us, especially the Mad Dog team. We’re not afraid of pop music, we just prefer serious rock.

Mad Dog Is Bringing Sexy Back… Again…

We’re going to lay it on the line; Mad Dog is more likely to get you some action than Justin Timberlake is. When you eat food doused in super hot sauces, a few things happen physically. Almost immediately, your body’s metabolism increases. You might sweat a little; more importantly, the thermogenic reaction taking place begins to burn calories and stored fat. That’s sexy enough, but that’s not all Mad Dog Hot Sauce does.

You can also expect a rush of confidence with your super hot sauce. It’s part of the chemical reaction that happens in you play with capsaicin. Just check any Cosmo tips article and you’ll see that confidence is the most important quality you need to appear sexy. (The nice body you get from burning all those calories is just a bonus.) But, you also get the blood pumping which means that performance and sensation (once you act on those sexy feelings we just brought back) will increase exponentially.

And, we’re not just bringing sexy back for your body either. We’ve put the sexy back into Sriracha by adding Carolina Reapers. We’re actually known to do that a lot – adding fire where there wasn’t any before. Not everyone can do that, and not everyone can do it over and over again. As far as we know, Justin Timberlake was only able to bring sexy back once.

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