How to call off sick (when you’re not really)

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You may not do it all the time, but everyone needs a personal day every now and again. Perhaps you’re actually sick – though it’s more of a hangover than the legit flu that would be total grounds for calling off (that’s contagious, unlike your hangover which you just can’t pass on to anyone else). Or, it could be that you need a day to enjoy the perfect weather or just lying on the couch binge watching a show you somehow stumbled on last night.

Actually, there are tons of reasons to call off work; the trick is making the call to your supervisor believable.

Here’s how to do it.

First, grab a bottle of Mad Dog super hot sauce or extract. We suggest something like the Mad Dog Gold Edition Hot Sauce; you’re looking for real heat here.

Next, get a toothpick or a teaspoon. We’re leaning towards a toothpick for this. After all, you’ve got a task you’ve got to sort out before you can move into party mode.

Now, prepare your story. It should be something that the symptoms of super hot sauce can actually produce and fits with an illness. So, think runny nose and sweating; in other words a cold that’s moving into dangerous territory – and something you don’t want to pass on to your colleagues.

Finally, it’s time to tackle the deed. Open your bottle of Mad Dog super hot sauce and wipe the toothpick around the inside. Then, give that toothpick a good lick and wait for your body to respond. As soon as your nose begins running, make the call.

But, here’s a tip you don’t want to miss: don’t make the call if you developed a case of the hiccups while savoring the sweet burn of your Mad Dog. You’ll need to let them pass and give it another go before dialing.

With any luck, you’ll sound super sick and there won’t be any questions. In fact, your voice and sniffles might be so believable that you can buy yourself an extra day. What you do with it is up to you. That said, we suggest spending some time finding and crafting a new favorite Mad Dog recipe.

Need a day off of work?

Not only will Mad Dog make it possible, but each sauce is hella delicious and delivers a stinging bite that you’re not going to find anywhere else.

Get some Mad Dog and make it happen

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