Live Longer: Add More Mad Dog to Your Meals

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Live LongerWe’re not kidding. Adding a pinch of Mad Dog to every meal could lengthen your life. We’re not doctors, though there’s a chance that you could compare us to pharmacists. After all, our Mad Dog super hot sauces and pepper extracts contain a fair amount of capsaicin. If you ask anyone in the know, capsaicin is increasingly being considered a miracle worker.

Healthy Benefits of Hot Sauces

Most people add hot sauces to their food because they can’t get enough of that delicious sting that comes with it. The first time you swallow a dab of hot sauce into the back of your throat you’ll wonder whether it could possibly harm you in some way. When the rush comes following that, you’ll realize that you will never get enough hot sauce. That’s probably a good thing because the capsaicin found in Mad Dog’s hot sauces has been linked to:

  • Reversal of Type 1 Diabetes, and possibly staving off Type 2 Diabetes.
  • Relief from and a possible cure for cluster headaches.
  • Stopping stomach ulcers before they start.
  • Halting heart attacks in progress.
  • Causing cancer cells to commit suicide.
  • Alleviating the symptoms of common colds.

Getting to Know Capsaicin

The above is just the beginning. Every day it seems like capsaicin can cure or alleviate something new, which is obviously great news. It does suggest, though, that you need to get to know capsaicin a little bit better.

Capsaicin is an ingredient found in all chili peppers. The hotter the pepper, the more capsaicin it has. The same goes for Mad Dog hot sauces; the hotter the sauce, the more capsaicin it has. That means that the Mad Dog Silver Collector’s Edition which rates 750,000 on the Scoville scale, has significantly more capsaicin than the original Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce, which carries (rather unsurprisingly) 357,000 Scoville heat units. And capsaicin is what gives peppers a burning sensation.

For all the heat that capsaicin carries, it doesn’t actually burn anything. Instead, this odourless and tasteless compound triggers the pain receptors located in your mouth but underneath your taste buds. That means that whatever you taste when you add Mad Dog to your meals, it’s a delicious blend of vegetables – not the capsaicin itself.

Capsaicin May Do More; It Could Prolong Your Life

Andrew Dillin, a Professor of Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of California, Berkeley, has recently released findings that demonstrate the effects of capsaicin on ordinary aging processes. According to research published in a journal (quite aptly named as) Cell, he argues that capsaicin may just regulate metabolism and longevity in humans.

To understand how this works exactly, we need to go back to the fact that capsaicin triggers pain receptors, specifically the TRPV1 pain receptor. After continued exposure, the capsaicin found in Mad Dog hot sauces can kill off pain-seeking nerves. And this, if the results translate from laboratory animals to humans, may just extend your life by 14%. This, coupled with the regulation of your metabolism could very well be the way to a longer, happier – and if you’re eating Mad Dog – a tastier life.

Even if it is mere speculation (which it doesn’t appear to be), the capsaicin in Mad Dog doesn’t carry any negative effects. So why not crack open a bottle of Mad Dog Pure Ghost Hot Sauce, or get started with some Mad Dog Inferno? After all, it could just help you live longer.

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