Live Longer Using Only Capsaicin

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inferno-400When you’re young, the idea of eternal life sounds pretty good. You get forever to play, and once you finish the first several years of school, all the tortures of life inevitably stop. Immortality consistently captures the imagination as evidenced by the Twilight series and half a dozen other vampire stories that have graced our screens recently.

As you age, though, the idea of eternity sounds rather awful, doesn’t it? Sure, you’d like to live longer, but you don’t want to live forever. And, the caveat to living longer is, of course, that you’re reasonably comfortable and in control of your faculties. That sounds good, doesn’t it?

You can do it just by adding plenty of Mad Dog to your food. Well, capsaicin really. But, our super hot sauces are bursting with this miracle worker, so it’s all the same really.

Healthy Hearts Offer Longer Life Spans

Your heart is responsible for so much of the work that your body needs to do every day, every minute, every second. If your heart works harder to get blood throughout your system, it wears out faster. You don’t want that; if your heart goes, it’s a whole thing (surgery and pacemakers are the best options in this case).

Capsaicin makes it easier on this vital organ. It expands your arteries and lowers cholesterol build up – and it does it naturally. And if that was all, that might be enough to add a few more years to your life. But, capsaicin does more. It stimulates weight loss by increasing your metabolism and tricking your brain into believing you’ve had plenty to eat when you’ve hit healthy portion levels. (And that’s something many people struggle with, whether they have weight issues or not.)

You’ll Live Longer If You Feel Less Pain

Wait, back up… if you don’t feel pain as acutely, you’ll live longer? Yes. But doesn’t it hurt when you add super hot sauces to your food? Yes. So…?

It’s confusing, we know. Capsaicin doesn’t hurt. It activates the TRVP1 receptors in your body, and this sends signals alerting your brain to the location of pain. Your body then deposits a whack of chemicals to the area of pain (so all the healing mechanisms knows where to concentrate on repair). And then these pain chemicals must go back into production before you can feel pain again. If you can dump all those chemicals at once and slow the manufacturing of them, you won’t feel hurt. That’s what capsaicin does – and that’s why it’s also a treatment for severe headaches.

Recent studies demonstrate that the absence of pain allows for a longer life. In laboratory animals, the increase is roughly 14% (though females always live longer – perhaps it is because of higher pain thresholds).

In addition, Mad Dog Hot Sauces, erm capsaicin, has prolonged the development of cancers (and killed cancerous cells without harm to healthy cells) and reversed diabetes. It also stops heart attacks as they happen. And that’s how you live longer – and remain healthier while you do it. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. But, it is time to get yourself a bottle of Mad Dog Hot Sauce, don’t you think? It’s a lot easier than becoming a vampire.

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