Love Hot Sauce? So Do Celebs.

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Ever wonder what award-winning Hollywood actresses, politicians and Olympians all have in common? It turns out it’s not just the draw of publicity that keeps many big names turning up the heat and coming back for more. It seems many of them are drawn to the same thing, and in this case, it’s not fame or fortune.

For many of the biggest names in the entertainment and sports world, the attraction is all about hot sauce. Actress Charlize Theron is just one of the big names putting a spotlight on hot sauce. She joins comedians Kevin Hart and Russell Brand, celebrity chef Rachael Ray, supermodel Tyra Banks and basketball great Kevin Durant in recently appearing on the hit internet show “Hot Ones”. The show’s strength is bringing on celebrity guests, then peppering them with questions while they sample hotter and hotter sauce. U.S. Olympian Meghan Duggan is also said to take in a daily dose of hot sauce herself. It’s reported the hockey player starts off the day with a nutritious breakfast sprinkled with hot sauce. UFC Fighter Scott Holtzman is known for putting hot sauce on just about any food, appropriately garnering the personal nickname “Hot Sauce”.

Not to be outdone, former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton additionally claims to have a true affection for hot sauce. It’s said she carries a bottle of hot sauce around in her purse wherever she goes. Whether on the political stage, the world sports stage or the big screen, it seems celebs just can’t get enough hot sauce. Of course, it doesn’t take the glare of Hollywood to make hot sauce one of the hottest foods on the market. With so many options out there you can easily taste test your way through some of the hottest hot sauces in the world, even without taking the world stage.

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