Where In Your Mouth Do You Feel The Burn?

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Did you Know? Depending on which pepper you taste, the burn can be felt in different areas of the mouth

Kind of like how us humans are unique in our own ways, chili peppers are too.

Each pepper not only varies in physical appearance, but the heat profiles are quite different too.

The heat profiles describe then heat sensation when consuming and pepper and range from:

  • units of heat on the Scoville Scale
  • how the heat develops in your mouth (is it quick or is it delayed)
  • the duration of the heat
  • the feeling of the heat (does it linger)

The heat profile also includes the location of where you feel the burn in your mouth. Here is a list of some of the most popular chiles and where to warn your mouth to be on the lookout for the burn!

  • The Habanero – back of throat
  • Ghost Pepper – back of throat
  • Sunburst – mid-palate, moves to tongue and lips
  • Poblano – side of tongue
  • Tabasco – lips and tongue
  • Jalapeno – tip of tongue, front of mouth
  • Aji – tip of tongue
  • Paprika – mid-palate
  • Cayenne – front and middle of mouth
  • Bird Pepper – dissipates on tongue and mouth, lingers on lips
  • Rocoto – whole mouth, lips, mid-palate, throat
  • Sataka – tip of tongue, front of mouth
  • Trinidad Scorpion – back of throat

What is the best way to relieve the burn? Read this helpful article on the best beverage to cool off the heat.



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