National Comfort Food Day?

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national comfort food day You may have noticed that we’re big fans of all the different food holidays. We have to be. Part of it is that the Ashley Foods team is jam-packed with foodies. We love to create new recipes and enjoy eating at delicious restaurants (however fine or hole-in-the wall that they might be). But, there’s more to it than that. Hot sauce, especially the frantically hot sauces that we create, is best enjoyed with scrumptious meals. And it’s virtually impossible to enjoy chili pepper extract without other food. (Otherwise, it’s just the end of a toothpick, right?) So, it should come as no surprise that we’re fully behind National Comfort Food Day on December 5th.

It’s the Perfect Time of Year for National Comfort Food Day

Winter is the perfect time  to curl up with some comfort food. You can devour it along with a few pages of a compelling novel as the snow (or rain, depending on where you live, of course) falls outside your window. It wouldn’t make any sense to have National Comfort Food Day before Thanksgiving on the calendar, would it? You just need to settle into the season first. And, once you have, then it is so much easier to get into the spirit.

Of course, comfort food means different things to different people. And that’s what is just so perfect about this holiday. If your idea of comforting, homey food is a hot as Hades chili con carne , so be it. On the other hand, you might think a chicken noodle soup is a little more your speed. Others will turn to hamburgers or a decadent Italian pasta. Whatever it is, there’s a whole day to celebrate it.

And that’s where Mad Dog comes into the picture. See, we don’t make ordinary condiments. We spent our time crafting the hottest and most flavorful hot sauces that we can. And, from our pepper extracts to our new Reaper Sriracha sauce , we’re always looking to add new flavors. Adding a dash of these to your comfort foods blends the new and the old together – which is exactly what makes for a strong tradition. And we hope that National Comfort Food takes off in such a way that it’s no longer an abstract holiday.

As a bonus, Mad Dog also raises your metabolism to counter the effects of our indulgence in fattening foods (that are usually associated with comfort meals).

Don’t Forget about the Comfort of Others

But, it is that time of year – and thinking about your comfort often tends to get you thinking about the welfare of the less fortunate. Even if you’re not (and perhaps, especially if you’re not) a fan of National Comfort Food Day, why not spend a few dollars and contribute to the charities in your neighborhood. There are plenty of people that would love to enjoy a delicious meal every now and again. For them, that is likely to be comfort enough!

But, even if you’re feeling exceptionally generous, we’re not certain you should add a bottle of Mad Dog to the mix. It’s not that you shouldn’t share your chili head passion. It’s just that we have serious warnings on our website for a reason. Not everyone can take the heat. You can take comfort in the fact that you can.


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