National Fat Free Living Month

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National Fat Free Living Month Strikes AgainIt’s National Fat Free Living Month again. It happens every January… as an initiative of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

And, we’ve mentioned it before, but we really feel this is one foodie month that you just can’t take seriously. You really do need fat in your diet. Maybe you don’t need as much as you have been getting, but you do need some.

Fat is important because:
•  It’s essential to cushion our organs. We put ourselves at great risk of serious injury if we don’t have enough in our system.
•  There are essential vitamins that our bodies need that can only break down in fat. That’s the whole fat soluble vitamin thing. Which vitamins? A, D, E, and K – and if you haven’t noticed, these are terribly important nutrients. Indeed, even capsaicin is fat soluble; water won’t release the benefits of capsaicin (or vitamins A, D, E, or K).
•  Fat is actually our main source of energy. You don’t need a lot of it to have a lot of energy, mind you, but you do need some.
•  Each cell membrane in our body needs a little bit of fat to operate effectively

Funny Thing about the Fat Trend

For years, we’ve been told to lower our fat intake. It happens through initiatives such as Fat Free Living Month. And people have taken it seriously. You will find rows and rows of low-fat and fat-free products that would normally carry a fair amount of fat. Just think about, how many times have you picked up the carton of low-fat sour cream, even when you wanted the real thing?

One of the major food trends of 2016 is the reemergence of full-fat products. And, we can expect to see a lot more healthy fat options on menus (think avocado and salmon).

There is a reason for the surge in fat products; a lot of people have had success with Banting diets that cut the carbs but substitute them for fats.

We think it’s a terrific movement. After all, capsaicin is fat soluble, and Mad Dog is bursting with capsaicin.

If You Really Want to Reduce Your Fat Intake… Mad Dog Can Help

As much as we need fat in our diet, we don’t need to overload ourselves with too much of it. And there are a lot of times when the fat content in a food item runs rampant. It is easy to go overboard.

If you do need to cut back on your fat intake (keeping in mind that you should never eliminate it entirely), Mad Dog can help you with that. Capsaicin travels to your brain along the same neuronal pathways as fat does. You will believe you’ve had more fat than you actually have. You’ll feel satiated even if you haven’t had as much fat as you normally might.

When you need to cut back, that’s the way to do it. Just don’t completely cut the fat in your diet, it’s dangerously unhealthy.

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