Naturally Dye Your Eggs with Chili Spices

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Turn your Easter Tradition into a Hippie Egg Party.

Don’t think you’re the first generation to every think of dyeing eggs. This is a tradition that dates back to Medieval Times when people used to dye eggs to celebrate spring and Pasch (aka Easter) – those sneaky and creative knights.

But in this time period it’s an annual tradition for some families to dye eggs that they cleverly hide and find. Most of the time this means buying a pre-packaged kit filled with colored tablets that are made of unnatural ingredients.

There is a natural way to dye your eggs that serve a dual purpose. One is to make a dye that is non-toxic that is all natural and possibly organic.The second is that in some cases the eggs will take on the taste of the food or spice being used as dye, i.e. beets or hibiscus tea.

Here is a list of natural spices that you can use to dye your eggs:

• Chili Powder – turns the egg an orange-brown (almost like a red rock from the desert)
• Paprika – turns the egg a very pale brown color, similar to coffee with lots of cream.
• Turmeric – turns the egg a bright yellow or sometimes yellow-orange
• Cayenne Pepper – turns the egg a light brown color like a natural egg
• Curry Powder – turns the egg light yellow to bright yellow depending on the length of time

How to dye your eggs:

• Boil 1 quart water, 2 tablespoons white vinegar, and 3 tablespoons of the desired spice. (only use 1 spice per boil)
• After the pot comes to a boil, lower the heat
• Place solution into separate container/bowl and soak eggs for 30 minutes at room temperature

You can also boil the eggs in the solution as well to achieve varied results i.e. boiling in the turmeric solution will leave your egg a deep-rich gold.

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