Pranks You Should Never Pull

Filed in Blog by on November 22, 2016

Pranks You Should Never Pull

If you’ve spent any time on YouTube at any point in your life, then you know that pranks are a big part of life. If you’ve lived in a dorm room during college, you could easily come to the same conclusion. The truth is that most people find it hysterical when their friends writhe in pain or suffer incredible embarrassment at their hand. We’re not exactly so sure why it’s funny to do it to your friends when watching it happen to a stranger would be soul-destroying, but that’s the way it works.

You know that if you drink too much and pass out, you’re bound to wake up with marker on your face. And you also have to check any open packs of Oreo cookies before tossing one into your mouth. But, there are some pranks you never want to be the victim of… and, therefore, should never pull. These are just a few.

Chili Pepper Doorknobs – We open doors all the time; we do it at home and the office. It’s just something we all have to do. And, if you think too long about it, you would probably find yourself wearing gloves all the time or becoming a little OCD about washing your hands; doorknobs and handles are gross. But, most people open doors without thinking too much about it which is why a little chili pepper rubbed on them is a super easy prank to play. The problem is that chili residue doesn’t always burn your hands, but it will affect eyes… or genitalia. (And it’s damned difficult to clean appropriately when there are kids in the house.)

And, on That Note… – You should never, never rub chili peppers on tampons, suppositories, or anything else that goes anywhere near the most sensitive parts of the body. While this prank is making the rounds across the web at the moment, it’s about as uncool as you can get. It’s bad enough when someone that can’t tolerate capsaicin eats a pepper…

Adding Extract to Aftershave – No, no, no! Freshly shaved faces are so sensitive that there are entire skin care lines developed around this phenomenon. Aftershave is used to cool and calm skin, so a drop of extract (which wouldn’t be noticed at all) would be enough to send any man running for the hills. (That said, as retribution for the chili tampon…. No, we need to repeat that none of these pranks is a good idea!)

Telling Someone It’s Not That Hot – There are people that have never ventured past Tabasco on the heat scale; they’re a little afraid of jalapeños at that. You should never give these folks super hot sauces or extracts – or food laden with them – without warning them. There are just too many people that react badly (hospital visits, cardiac arrests, and the like), and you really don’t want to be responsible for that.

Now, we know you want to try these; it seems that pranks are a part of life. But, we’re telling you that these just aren’t appropriate. Lucky you, other people have already tried, so all you need is a quick check on YouTube.


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