Saving Lives One Pepper at a Time

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It’s no secret that peppers add some spice to mealtime, but what about your medicine cabinet? It may sound a little out there, but moving peppers from your kitchen cabinet to your bathroom cabinet may just do a body good. That’s because cayenne pepper isn’t just for flavoring food, it could possibly save a life!

Cayenne pepper comes from grinding up the dried skins of hot peppers, and it’s said the herb can help put an end to severe bleeding in just seconds. That’s what makes cayenne pepper such a vital part of any emergency first aid kit. To use it, apply a good amount of the powder right onto a laceration or cut. In liquid form, you can also flood a wound by using the dropper of a cayenne tincture. Another option is to pour some into a bowl, soak a clean cotton ball until it’s saturated, and then squeeze it over a wound. Apparently, cayenne stops the bleeding by triggering blood clotting and helping to equalize blood pressure. Not only does this help stop the bleeding, but it also disinfects a wound. Some people say it doesn’t even sting.

You can use cayenne pepper as an oral medication, too. Measure out a teaspoon of cayenne, and then wash it down with warm water. Of course, with a major wound you’ll want to call 911, but you can still pack the wound with cayenne pepper while you’re waiting for help. Unfortunately, the average cayenne pepper found at the grocery store won’t necessarily do the trick because it’s often irradiated. Instead, try an organic powder from a reputable seller, and look for the hottest one you can. Cayenne peppers are used in all kinds of amazing ways, from making flavorful hot sauce to spicing up a meal, and now it turns out, potentially saving a life.

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