Skip the Drive-thru: Feed Your Face at Home

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Can’t cook? Won’t cook? Too hungry to think about what to cook? Are you hitting the drive-thru because it’s the easiest way to feed your face?

Um yeah, we’ve all been there. Like, every single person.

And, for awhile, it might sustain you. But, it’s going to catch up with your wallet or your waist sooner or later. So, you may as well figure out this cooking thing at some point.

(Bonus: cooking a good meal is pretty much always considered sexy – with or without clothes on; that’s up to you. Hmm, no, we know you’ll be cooking with Mad Dog. Put the clothes back on… at least an apron.)

The first thing you need to know is that everything is better with Mad Dog Hot Sauces. Like everything (except maybe sugary breakfast cereal).

The next thing you need is a list of quick and easy, Mad Dog-fueled recipes that you can totally count on for your next not-fast-food fix. We’ve got those. Now you do too.

So what are you craving?


Hot dogs

Fried chicken










Now that you’ve got your recipes, it’s time to get your hot sauce!

Get your fix of all your favorite Mad Dog Hot Sauces in one super easy online store. And, since all these are gonna be your faves, you may as well stock up.

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