Sort Your Deep-Frying Skills

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Everything deep-fried is good. Like everything. You know it. It’s the same thing with hot sauces. All food is better once you add a little Mad Dog love to your life.

When you put the two together – Mad Dog hot sauces and fried foods – it’s basically magic.

You already know how to get your Mad Dog fix. Now it’s time to sort out your deep-frying skills.

You don’t need to spend money on a deep fryer.

You can, of course, if you like. But it’s far better to spend your cash on whatever you’re deep-frying because all you really need is a wok and plenty of vegetable or canola oil. (And then some Mad Dog to make it all better.)

Deep-Frying Basics

Woks are basically perfect for deep-frying at home; their design ensures that heat is distributed throughout the oil inside. (It’s almost just a bonus that they’re also great at stir-frying.)

The trick is to find the right level of oil inside your wok, which is usually about half way. Too much oil and it will spit at you nastily every time you try to drop food into it (yeah, it will do some of that anyhow, but not nearly as much). If you use too little oil, you’ll bring the temperature down too quickly when adding food and you’ll end up with soggy food.

Medium-high heat is probably all you need; high heat is generally just overkill. After you’ve let it heat for a few minutes, toss in a bread cube and see how long it takes for it to brown. Somewhere between 30 and 60 seconds means your oil is probably hot enough for anything you’re going to deep-fry in a wok.

Up next on the list of importance are the tools you’ll use to drop your food in and pull it out. Slotted metal serving spoons and tongs work well here. If your oil is at the right temperature, you’ll melt the hell out of plastic utensils. A little forethought goes a long way here; get out a spoon rest or a plate so you have somewhere to place your oily utensils or you’ll regret it as soon as you get started. (You’ll also need a baking sheet or plate to place your cooked food on, so you may as well get that out at the same time.)

Your First Deep-Frying Experience

You’ll be a pro in no time, but start with something simple like frozen French fries. Seriously. Let’s just say that early over-confidence leads to grease fires – and those are never fun… even if you don’t injure anyone and even if insurance pays you out for the kitchen damages.

Don’t forget to add that Mad Dog to your fries for the perfection you’re after.

Then, work your way up through chicken wings and breaded chicken chunks (like you’ll find in this killer recipe here).

After that, the sky’s the limit. But let’s be honest; you’re going to make those Mad Dog Boneless Chicken Wings and you’re going to be done. You’ll just eat those every day because they’re the business; they’re why you’re figuring out how to deep-fry in the first place, right?

Need some more Mad Dog Hot Sauce?

Fried food + Mad Dog = perfection. If you’re going to be a deep-frying pro, you’re going to need more Mad Dog. So, you may as well stock up.

Get your Mad Dog fix now

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