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Using Super Hot Sauce to Spice-Up your Sex Life

We’ve said it before – and we’re probably going to say it again. Mad Dog can make you sexier. But, it does a lot more than make you appear runway-ready. (And, we know that’s stretching it a bit. But, we love the image of sexy models walking the runway with bottles of Mad Dog super hot sauce, don’t you?) We’re not exaggerating here; you really can use Super Hot Sauce to spice up your sex life. It’s all in the technique. (Okay, we’re pushing it with that one, sorry.)

How Does Super Hot Sauce Affect Your Sex Life

Capsaicin is the stuff that burns like hell when you consume it (or have it sprayed in your eyes). And capsaicin is found in all chili peppers to some degree or another. And besides a crazy, delicious burn, capsaicin also delivers a few health benefits. And some of these are extremely useful in the bedroom.

Better Blood Flow – Capsaicin reduces the amount of cholesterol in your blood. The less cholesterol you have, the easier it is for your blood to flow and the fewer blockages you’re likely to experience. And (bonus), capsaicin only affects the bad cholesterol, so no worries there. If you’re wondering what better blood flow has to do with better sex, we suggest you go back to health class.

More Stamina – The more oxygen you can take in, the longer you can go – quite literally. That’s true whether you’re lifting weights, running a few miles or spending the day in bed with your lover. And capsaicin increases oxygen intake by up to 7.5%. It doesn’t sound like much, but it could make all the difference.

A Testosterone Boost – The capsaicin found in super hot sauce has been shown to boost (and in certain cases, simply preserve) testosterone. It should go without saying that this hormone is a big help in bed. We’re going to leave it at that.

Use Hot Sauce to Spice-Up Your Sex Life

If you’re ready to pump up your sex life, you can totally get in on the super hot sauce action. But, there are a few guidelines that will make the whole experience better. These are some of the do’s that we like best.

Give your lover the gift of Mad Dog. With all the benefits wrapped up in our super hot sauces, don’t you want to share? You know, the more fun your partner has in bed, the more fun it is for you too. Don’t you just love those win-win situations?

Start cooking with capsaicin. We’ve got Mad Dog approved recipes that’ll make your eyes water while your taste buds beg for more. Since everyone loves having dinner made for them, you can totally transform date night with Mad Dog meals. You’ll get dinner with a bit of a rush too. The rest… is up to you. We really don’t want to know.

Give fair warning. Never spring super hot sauce on someone. It won’t go down well no matter who it is. You won’t get the action you want if you allow crazy Scovilles to be a surprise. Trust us (we’ve seen too many YouTube videos).

How NOT to Use Super Hot Sauce (Your Sex Life Might Suffer If You Do!)

We know you are too clever to do any of these dont’s. But, we thought we’d mention them anyhow. You know… safety first.

Super hot sauce is not like chocolate. You can’t spread it on your lover’s body so that you can lick it off. Do not do this. We don’t think it needs repeating, but in case you think we’re joking, we’ll do just that. Do not pour hot sauce on anyone’s body – ever. (Not even your own.)

Wrap it up. We’re not talking about condoms, but we are talking about safety. If you’re preparing food with a lot of Scovilles, wear gloves. Once you get some on your hands, you’ll spread it everywhere. You’ll get capsaicin in your eyes when you wipe the tears away. And, you’ll get it in terribly inappropriate places when you use the bathroom. And, there’s nothing sexy in that pain, promise. (And, on the condom front, we stand by whatever your parents and your health teachers taught you.)

Don’t push your limits. Super hot sauce affects everyone in different ways. You might just be the guy that can take the most hellish of heats. But, do you really want to find out when you’re hoping to get lucky? Too many Scovilles have led to some of the most undignified experiences including vomiting and passing out. Don’t let that be you.

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