Spicing Up Your Meal With Pepper Extracts

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Hot sauce runs the gamut, from the option of more mild to fiery hot, but if you really want to take things up a notch while you’re cooking, go for a pepper extract. Extracts contain either pure or blended ground dried peppers and essential oils, meaning they can reach heights on the Scoville heat scale you may not even believe possible! With some products containing 9 million Scoville units, the extreme heat is nothing to sneeze at, and nothing to take lightly. Of course, while some are so hot they come with extreme warning labels, others are slightly more tolerable. Still, though, pepper extracts are generally so hot and highly concentrated that a little truly goes a long way.

Because of this, anytime you’re working with pepper extracts you need to be careful. Therefore, when adding any extract to your cooking, think small. This means using an extremely gentle shake or even using an eyedropper to add in a tiny drop to your meal. Unlike when you make many other things in the kitchen, don’t try and taste test directly from the jar either, as pepper extracts need to be consumed only as a small portion of a meal.

In other words, keep the bottle of pepper extract high up in a cupboard, away from the kids, the pets and the uninformed. If you’re brave enough, though, a small amount of pepper extract can really spice up an ordinary soup or sauce during cooking. Of course, if you do choose extract, be prepared to immediately quench the results, when necessary. This means keeping a big glass of milk, or maybe some sour cream or yogurt handy to help ease the pain. Drinking down a big glass of water, unfortunately, could potentially make the effect of pure pepper extract even stronger.

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