Spicy Competition Sweeps The Nation

Filed in Blog by on May 12, 2018

There’s really nothing all that conventional about hot sauce, but that’s not stopping some spicy competition from sweeping conventions and expos across the nation. The upcoming summer season is looking hot, hot, hot with an array of festivals planned for the coming months.

Hot sauce and craft beer are both on tap at the Hop Sauce Fest in Beach Haven, New Jersey this June. The event kicks off the first part of the month with around 100 mouth-burning concoctions. At the end of the month, don’t miss out on the Chi-Town Hot Sauce Expo. The Chicago event is packed with hot sauce vendors, free tastings and some fiery challenges. The same weekend brings about The Pepper Festival & Hot Sauce Expo, planned for Auburn, California. This family-friendly fundraising event brings a hot pepper eating challenge and spicy entertainment. One of the hottest months of the year is packed with sizzling hot entertainment itself. The month kicks off with the Portland Hot Sauce Expo. While the temperatures in Oregon this time of year won’t necessarily be on fire, visitors are sure to feel the burn.

Mid-August brings about the California Hot Sauce Expo. Planned for Anaheim, the event is full of sizzling hot challenges. Around the same time, the North Hudson Pepper Fest takes on Wisconsin. The weekend is full of fun, from a hot pepper eating contest to a pepper parade. Finally, the Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival heats up in late August, as thousands are expected to descend on Texas for a full dose of Lone Star heat. The one-day festival is the chance to scoop up as much hot sauce as you can stand. If you can’t wait for one of these challenges, though, you can always get your fill any time of year, no matter whether you crave the mild stuff or mind-blowing hot sauce!

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