Spicy Foods Really Can Help You Lose Weight

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Spicy Foods to Lose WeightRecently, Fox News featured the story of a woman who lost 40 pounds in a year. Whatever you may feel about Fox News, this is a seriously interesting story for anyone wanting to lose a few pounds (or a couple dozen pounds).

Apparently, this woman tried everything – all sorts of fad diets and regimes. But, nothing worked, and she complained of constant hunger and a great deal of fatigue too.

And then, she stumbled on spices. According to her testimony, she began adding spices to her meals and voila she shed 10 pounds in a month. That’s pretty impressive. But, when you consider how hard it is to lose weight once the rate of reduction stabilizes, you can truly appreciate that 40 pounds in a year.

Whatever she weighs now, it’s the lowest it’s been for her adult life.

Her secret: lots and lots of spices. She’s not just a chili head though she’s constantly reaching for chili peppers to add flavor to her meals. She also swears by cumin and cinnamon (which are ever popular Mexican ingredients and should have your head spinning with ideas). And, she claims to undertake structured physical activities about twice a week (which isn’t that much).

So, how does this work? Well, apparently, cinnamon will regulate your blood sugar while cumin helps to stimulate your metabolism. But, it’s the chili peppers that do a lot of the work.

A Shortlist of Chili Pepper Miracles

• Increases Metabolism – That’s right. The minute you add that fiery goodness to your meals, your body’s metabolism kicks into gear. Clinical reports vary regarding the percent of increase and the duration of effects, but it’s there. (Now just imagine if you went to the gym with that – burn, baby, burn.)

• Decreases Your Hunger Pangs – Everything in our body (from acne to anger) is regulated by our hormones. Hunger isn’t any different. There are hormones that tell you that you need to eat and others that command the feeling of fullness. Chili peppers stimulate the first and suppress the latter. Add hot sauce to your meal now and you won’t be as hungry in a few hours as you normally would.

• Tastes Like Fat to Your Brain – Your brain “detects” when you’ve had enough fat to eat and then tells you it’s time to stop. (It also commands you to make that mmmmm sound when you put something delicious into your mouth.) And, to your brain, hot sauce is the same as fat. So, you’re more likely to stop eating when you’ve hit a realistic portion size, not the jumbo portions we’re used to getting from fast food restaurants.

Chili peppers and hot sauces do a lot more than this too. They’ve been shown to increase heart health and decrease your risk for cancer. Those are all good things.

But seriously, we’re rather impressed that a woman lost 40 pounds in a year by just adjusting the level of spice in her diet. That’s damn cool – whichever news agency covered it.

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