Why a Spicy Personality Loves Hot Sauce

Filed in Blog by on July 2, 2018

If you can’t get enough of hot sauce it may be tied to your personality. It seems a spicy personality is, unsurprisingly, attracted to hot, spicy foods. At least that’s the finding of some researchers who’ve studied the connection between thrill seeking extroverts and things like spicy food. Decades ago a psychology professor first documented a link between those who like spicy foods and those who enjoy roller coasters and other researchers have since come up with similar conclusions. In one particular study researchers found those who like adventure and action movies are several times more likely to enjoy a spicy meal than those who shy away from these types of activities.

Beyond your personality alone, some researchers also believe your gender may come into play. They found oftentimes women are looking at hot sauce to add flavor to food while men are often more interested in simple bragging rights. This may help explain some of the rise in mind-numbing challenges, online and in expos and festivals all across the globe. It also should come as no surprise then that some reports suggest that many hot sauce enthusiasts consider themselves spontaneous and ambitious risk takers. After all, you can’t exactly be afraid to crack open a bottle packed with one of the hottest peppers on the planet!

While some people may learn to appreciate spicy food as kids and simply continue on with the tradition as adults, it seems others are more likely to enjoy spicy foods for the excitement. Like jumping out of a plane or taking on the latest thrill ride at the local amusement park, hot sauce delivers a high to some users. In other words, although your taste buds and your pain tolerance may play a role in which hot sauce you reach for, your overall personality may actually be the deciding factor.

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