Strange uses for hot peppers you probably never thought of before

Filed in Old by on March 22, 2018

Peppers are a great addition to most foods. In fact, they’re sure to spice up just about any meal. All you need is a little, or a lot, of hot sauce or a fiery pepper puree to set your mouth on fire and take your diet to an entirely new level. But it turns out that hot peppers aren’t just great for the dinner table alone. According to Reader’s Digest, hot peppers are strangely great for everything from laundry to keeping pesky ants away.

We all know what a pain ants can be invading our homes, especially during the spring and summer seasons. Ants love sugar, but as for some peppers, they don’t exactly share our sense of taste. To keep the ants out of your kitchen, try sprinkling some cayenne pepper around your baseboards or countertops. Similarly, deer aren’t too fond of cayenne peppers either. If you’re having a problem with deer in your backyard garden, try spraying down your plants and bushes with a mix of water and cayenne. It’s said that you can mix in some black pepper with flour to sprinkle around your plants too, helping to keep other bugs away, as well.

As for your laundry, you may not always have to invest in color boosting detergents. Some suggest adding in some pepper to your wash will keep the colors bright. Of course, you may want to give this one a test or two before you throw in your favorite load! If all else fails, you can always help yourself out if you catch a late season cold. If you find your ears plugged or your nose stopped up, a little cayenne pepper can go a long way in bringing some relief! Even if you don’t feel under the weather, there’s really no bad time to reach for more pepper!

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