Think it can’t get hotter than hot sauce? Think again.

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If you’ve ever tried an extremely hot, hot sauce you may think it’s simply not possible to surpass the pure dose of heat that comes in such a small bottle. After all, super hot, hot sauce can be sizzling hot! Cayenne and Habanero peppers are one thing, but just consider the fiery Ghost Pepper, Trinidad Moruga Scorpion pepper or Carolina Reaper peppers. We’re talking about some seriously hot, hot sauce! Of course, there are all kinds of ways to consume an extremely hot dose of hot peppers, and hot sauce is hardly the only option out there.

With that in mind, make way for the mindboggling heat of chili pepper extracts. The pepper extract is so hot you don’t want to perform a taste-test in the traditional sense. You normally use these products for cooking. Highly concentrated, chili pepper extracts are made up of blended or pure ground and dried chili peppers and their essential oils. The finished products come in a liquid or powder so hot it surpasses many types of hot sauce altogether. That’s why even when you use a pepper extract for cooking you definitely don’t want to go overboard. A little pepper extract goes a long, long way in flavoring your meal. You don’t even want to accidently get a fiery hot pepper extract directly on your skin. If you do, you’ll surely know!

If you’re brave enough, though, there are varying levels of pepper extracts out there for you to try out, from the super hot to some that deliver a dose of heat so hot its like nothing else on the planet. From adding in the extract to your favorite stir-fry, soup or even your next pot of chili, a pepper extract is one way to truly turn up the heat on your next meal.

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