Thinking Outside the Box with Spicy Foods

Filed in Blog by on July 30, 2018

When you think “hot” you probably think hot sauce, but there are all kinds of foods out there sure to quench your thirst for the hot stuff. All it takes is thinking outside the box. From spice-infused chips to beef jerky, getting your fill of spicy food is easier than ever. Whether you’re looking for something to heat up your taste buds or just looking to add a little zest to your food, there’s something for just about every spice lover on the market.

No longer are spicy foods limited to certain sections of the grocery store or certain restaurants. Spicy foods these days are everywhere. Take, for example, cans of ghost pepper-seasoned nuts or packages of ghost pepper popcorn. You can also shop for a bag of ghost pepper chips, plus several varieties of Sriracha-flavored chips and snack mix. Then, there are also some even crazier items, such as Carolina Reaper-coated beef jerky and hot pepper-flavored jam. You can also try coating your bacon in the morning with Sriracha hot sauce.

There are additionally some truly unique items out there. How about ghost pepper-flavored jellybeans or Carolina Reaper gumballs? If that’s not enough to light your mouth on fire, just try taking one lick of a chili extract-infused lollipop! The key is to think outside of the box. Whether you find yourself reaching for a jar of spicy hot pickles, a Sriracha chocolate bar or even some hot pepper-infused hummus, there are all kinds of options when it comes to spicy foods. Of course, you can always go the more traditional route and spice up just about any snack or meal you want with a bottle of fiery hot, hot sauce. Simply feel free to experiment and to spice it up now and again with a little something new.

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