Tips For Growing Peppers in a Colder Climate

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When you think of growing hot peppers you probably think of a warmer climate. After all, peppers are native to some of the warmest climates of the world, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t be grown well in a cooler climate. States like Massachusetts aren’t exactly immune from bone chilling temperatures and snow, but it’s still possible to come up with a great crop, and turn it into some of the best hot sauce on the planet! Of course a greenhouse helps control the climate and extend the growing season, but it’s not impossible to grow outdoors, even if you’re not an expert pepper grower.

One of the best tips to follow involves starting with a great seed, purchased from a reputable seller. The maturity date starts with the time you transplant the seed to when it’s harvested. A pepper that matures quickly will ripen in time to avoid the first frost. Also, make sure if you need to store those seeds that they’re completely dry. If you’re transplanting, it’s possible to start growing indoors before moving outdoors, just start a little early. There are some peppers, though, including the Manzano that actually like it a bit cooler. You can also try jalapenos.

When you choose your growing spot, look for a well-drained location that offers up plenty of sunlight during the day. The quality of the soil is extremely important, as well. Make sure to use a neutral pH, add in compost to help retain moisture and make sure the container you use is large enough to handle a fully-grown shrub if you’re not transplanting later. While growing, keep those plants well watered and it never hurts to experiment a little before coming up with the perfect crop of peppers, even if you live in a colder climate.

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