Tips To Spice Up Your Next Meal

Filed in Blog by on June 23, 2018

Whether you simply enjoy adding a small dose of flavor to your food or you’re going for a life-altering dose of heat, there are plenty of ways to spice up your next meal with hot sauce and hot pepper extracts. From chicken wings to chili, and virtually everything in between, it seems there’s no limit when it comes to cooking with the hot stuff.

The great news is, of course, that one tiny bottle is capable of boosting the taste of just about anything, from your morning breakfast to a late night snack. For example, you’d be surprised at what a couple of drops can do to the taste of scrambled eggs. It’s much the same with using hot sauce as part of a marinade or adding in some hot sauce to help boost the flavor of traditional chili. Hot sauce also works well in a stir-fry, mixed in with some mayo to make a spicy sauce and topping or even tossed in with chicken wings. Pepper extracts pack in plenty of flavor too; but in this case even a tiny amount proves that sometimes less is more. Just be careful not to taste-test an extract. It’s so powerful you’ll want to use it as a food additive only, not a topping! Of course you’ll find there are plenty of ways to mix in the flavor as you cook.

Above all, don’t be afraid to experiment with your meals. Hot pepper products can compliment just about anything on the menu, whether you’re boosting the flavor of a simple sandwich, spicing up a bowl of soup, heating up a slice of your favorite pizza or mixing up a crowd-pleasing dessert. If you don’t believe us, just take a look at any one of the many options out there when it comes time to spice up your next meal.

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