Tips and Tricks For Cooking With Hot Peppers

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Hot peppers no doubt add some kick to mealtime, but if you’re still unsure about how to use peppers in your cooking, take heart. We’ve uncovered some top tips and tricks when it comes to cooking with peppers, from mild bell peppers to market favorites that add some true spice to your next meal.

The bell pepper may be void of the hot stuff, but cooking a bell pepper helps to bring out some of the pepper’s natural sweetness. While the green bell is often slightly bitter in taste, the red variety is usually a bit sweeter. Try topping a pizza or adding it to ratatouille. Another tame option is the piquillo. This sweet red pepper tastes great stuffed with cheese or meat. It’s pretty easy to find a jarred or roasted version too. Great to serve with grilled meat, the spicy habanero commonly ranges from red to green. Not to be confused with the habanero is the Scotch bonnet. This particular pepper gives some extra kick to food such as jerk chicken.

Other spicy options for cooks include the hatch pepper. This type of pepper can be roasted, peeled and then chopped up for queso dip or even added to enchiladas. Typically you’ll find them harvested in the late summer. The jalapeno is also a crowd favorite. You’re probably used to finding it in salsa and some hot sauce. If you want a less spicy pepper take out the seeds and white pith. A bit spicier than the jalapeno is the serrano pepper. Finally, the Japanese shishito pepper is a good option for blistering in a hot pan, then sprinkling it with some salt and lemon juice. Of course you can also simply add a dose of hot sauce to your cooking, delivering the promise of real heat to any snack or meal.

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