The trendiest flavor is hot!

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One of the hottest trends when it comes to food right now certainly lives up to its name. Hot, spicy foods are big right now, and for some of us, the hotter the better! That’s certainly true with hot sauce. From spicy sriracha to Tabasco, it seems nearly everyone wants to get their hands on one of the latest trends. That means more and more blends of hot, spicy pepper products are certain to follow.

The trend of hot sauce isn’t just popular in the US. Diners from all over the world are sure to be experimenting with some of the hottest sauces around. It’s estimated that hot sauce can be traced back thousands of years, to when people used to crush up chili peppers, and then make a paste of it with added herbs and water. The idea quickly caught on and spread across the globe. Here in the US, hot sauce has been a commercial operation since around the 1800s, with more and more opportunities for consumers to get a taste of the latest trends, at home and while dining out. That’s why you’ll see so many people following the trend right now, trying to see just how far they can push their taste buds, with some hot sauce that virtually knows no limit!

Some of the hottest hot sauce on the market right now certainly blows away the competition in terms of the heat. While some people simply sprinkle it on at mealtime to add a little flavor, others are willing to go all in to experience the extreme heat that only the hottest hot sauce can provide. Of course, the limit is certainly up to you on how high you want to go on the Scoville scale. After all, if you’re a true trend follower, why not?

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