Why You Should Always Keep Hot Sauce at Your Desk

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If you’re like most chili heads, you’ve got bottles of hot sauce tucked into every corner of your kitchen.

There’s some in the fridge (perhaps with crusty rims that you promise yourself you’ll clean someday). There are a few more on shelves, mingling comfortably with the other condiments in your cupboard.

And, you probably have a couple of hot sauces hidden from others; they’re too strong or too special or you’re just too stingy. We’ve been there too.

But, here’s the call to keep a bottle of Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce sitting next to your computer. (Perhaps all of the computers you use.)

We have good reasons for it; at least, we have reasons and, if you can use them, then they’re good. (The sauces on the inside of each bottle are good whether you have an excuse or not.)

Curb impulse shopping

Find it difficult to stop your shop? A quick swig of Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce will kill the urge. Okay, in some cases, we don’t mean swig, but rather a lick of a toothpick, but you get the point.

More importantly, you’ll find it easier – or rather compelled – to focus on the big picture of your life for a few minutes. Hopefully, it’s long enough to avoid that impulse buy.

Get some serious motivation

Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce will wake you up quickly. It’s better than a cup of coffee and it triggers an endorphin release too. If you’re struggling to enjoy your job, a little dab of hot sauce will do ya.

You don’t need chocolate or tea when it’s time for a break; you need something to refresh you. Once your body puts out the fire, you’ll feel better than ever.

Make it through to lunch

Everyone understands the hanger that emerges sometime before lunch… after the breakfast you were supposed to eat.

When you need something quick, healthy and cheap, a little hot sauce might just do the trick. We’re not saying it will fill you up, but it will make your brain believe you can wait longer to eat – and that’s half the bottle.

It makes a good memento

You know how people keep pictures of their family, friends, pets and holidays next to their desk? You can totally one up them. If you’re greatest love is hot sauce, you can physically keep it with you while you work.

Nah, we’re not going to pretend it’s the most important thing in your life, but it could serve as a reminder that there’s more to it all than work. At the very least, it might remind you to get some more. It’s not an impulse buy; it’s a necessity.

Do you need to get more Mad Dog to keep by your computer?

You can order yours now and have it delivered to whichever computer you prefer. Could be work. Could be home. Could be both. Why not?

Get your Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce fix now

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